Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara

This report is set in Rajasthan and is very nearly women who have their body fluids contaminated known as Vishkanyas. Sitara is the daughter of Kuldeep Bansal, a noble man, and Vrinda, a poisonous woman. Kuldeep and Rajguru had imprisoned Vrinda and her sisters, Albeli, Chhabili and Surili in a dungeon by the side of the southern retrieve of the Royal Palace after Sitara's birth. After imprisoning Vrinda, Kuldeep marries a girl named Rachna, who dies later.

22 years later Vish Ya Amrit Sitara

Sitara has now grown up. Kuldeep has told her that Rachna was her mommy and that she died giving birth to her.

Sitara comes support to the palace and meets Viraj Singh, the Prince of the palace and the King's, Raja Ratan Singh. Netra Singh Rathore, the daughter of Ratan's friend, Atharva Singh Rathore, comes there for her greedy motives and wants to get married to Viraj. Samrat Singh, Viraj's cousin and the friend of Netra's brother, Aryan Singh Rathore, is plus later than Netra in those every plans.

Sitara doesn't know approximately her real identity while Vrinda thinks she is dead. Ralajguru tries to execute Sitara after knowing her truth, but subsequently he understood that and no-one else Sitara will be adept to guard Viraj and royal family. Raajguru asks Kuldeep to allow them Sitara and she will be saved. Sitara is alive and ready to protect Viraj not knowing what is the perfect in this collective story.