VIDEO: The piano stair experiment - LOVE THIS!!//

you have to click the link where it is underlined to get it to play.  

The Piano Stair Experiment! Just Amazing..

The Piano Stair Experiment! Just Amazing.. >> Food for Thought <<


lets see if i can remember anything from this week.  i really need to write daily because i can't remember anything journalling here and there, i go blank.  its better to be inspired and write while inspired. 
our weather is fabulous.  spring is always wonderful here.  its around 80 (higher in the sunshine of course) and 60 at night.  everything is blooming.  
rn adopted two kittens to her friend.  yay!  we are busy at work, no idea why, but things still go much slower than usual, even with buyers who pay cash, its slow if its foreclosed property to close it.  my guess is banks really are shitting out houses.  so hire more people, the whole world is out of work.  we have new guidelines, what else is new.  by the time the government is done, only rich people will be approved for loans.  the latest one takes more than 24 hours to call back and that is inappropriate, and i know how i am, i'll give it to someone else to deal with her.  the ones who don't return calls within 24 hours are just as bad as the ones that keep you on the phone too much.  makes my blood pressure go through the roof and gives me a stomach ache - not worth an ulcer, that is for sure.  
my cousin separated from this wife...not sure exactly when this happened, i have to re-read my e-mails.  one of the kitties has pink urine, so it needs antibiotic, no signs of illness, just that.  good thing i saw it go to the bathroom.  kvk was at the hospital and people i know saw him, so everyone is talking about that.  its his wife, not him who is sick.  
i'm on a new cholesterol med, but haven't started it yet.  my blood pressure was too high last time, so they get nervous.  it was 130 over 100.  if the numbers are identical you have a heart attack, the further away they are from each other the better.  120 over 75 is ideal.  i was due for a pill, i told him that.  discovered rn's is even higher.  like 187 over 100 and i'm like you are going to die if you don't go on blood pressure meds.  she and tm are in denial with it.  he went on q10, it lowered it a little, but its not good enough.  both of his parents DIED in their 50's of heart attack and it scares him, but he still doesn't go on meds.  i don't get it.  rn is the same.  she likes vitamins instead. 
june, will be one full year of staying at home straight after work because of the brain surges.  (i don't have them anymore.  i'm on aspirin therapy and officially a poly-med person.  grrrrr).  i'm still sporadically car shopping and avoiding stress, so not going too much.   i'm reading paddington bear at the minute (its excellent) and how i survived middle school, which sounds more like junior high/high school to me.  a didn't read it and its published in 2007 so she could have.  



I LOVED the piano staircase theory clip! It\'s totally true. I ABSOLUTELY would have taken the stairs. In all reality, if I didn\'t have CFS, I would choose the stairs anyway. Escalators scare me. Always afraid I\'ll catch my shoe lace in the bottom or top of the escalator and get sucked into the thing!

Blood pressure is different for everyone. Some people run high, but some run very low....and both can have healthy hearts. It\'s important to keep your blood pressure LEVEL..Not UP, down, UP, down...that\'s what throws the body off. BP meds are usually tolerable and absolutely worth taking if you are at risk. My dad and my hubby are both on two of them at the same time. My hubby was able to come off them completely when he left alcohol behind in his forties. Dad only needs BP meds because he\'s 80 years old...and, well, you know...we need all the help we can get.

IMHO the less meds we\'re on, the better. If we can keep our diet, and weight under some sort of control, and stay away from sugar and fast food, we\'re doing our bodies a great service!!

Think I\'ll go watch the piano thing again!! oxo

lol. that\'s funny because my doctor is urging me to up alcohol to 3 shots per day, not two, (includes wine with dinner) as he believes if all people would live that way, they wouldn\'t have high blood pressure nor high cholesterol. who knows?

me too. i love those stairs. its brilliant! i also like the swing sets at bus stops i think that is also scandinavia?

i\'m reading my own journal and i realized why rn is whacky, i haven\'t even asked about the kitten that we just brought back in to be reglued and antibiotics. i FORGOT. omg! and now its adopted. well, she should be used to me by now, surprises me too though.

I loved the piano thing. I would have taken the stairs. I wear bifocal\'s and the escalator is always a bit difficult. I have to take off my glasses so I can see and it takes watching it for a minute or two.

I hope your blood pressure and cholesterol improves. Wishing you could manage it without any meds.

Wishing you a great week and all the animals will be well.

I wish the piano thing would happen more often over on this side of the pond! Good luck with the new meds! *HUGS*

if you eat sugar you are supposed to also take magnesium. if your magnesium is depleted (and sugar depletes magnesium) that affects your calcium and that is how you get osteoporosis. was surprised to hear this.