Veryy Old Peom About My Ex... Kinda Sucks...

So take my heart, place it in your hands.
Hold it securely, not to tightly now! Don’t drop it, don’t break it.
Stop! Can’t you see your hurting me?
My breathing stops.
Your taking it, ripping it from my chest.
Having fun yet?
Empty. Hollow.
Regret. Sorrow.
After all this time, why did you do it?
Was that your plan all along?
To win my trust?
To make me believe you cared?
You make me sick.
All I wanted was to be loved.
Was that to much to ask for?
I lay in my bed, crying, shouting, asking “Why?”.
The truth is, I don’t know the answer.
I know I shouldn’t hurt this bad.
Yet I do. Why is that?
For days on end I don’t sleep.
I don’t eat. I try.
I close my eye and your icy blue eyes are piercing through my skull.
I try to swallow the food, but when I do, it comes back up.
I’m getting weaker and weaker is this what you wanted?
I’m isolated. Deserted.
Left with nothing else.
Who could want me now?
Not even you did.



do you write poetry alot? i like this one. i would like to read more of your poems. i can relate to this feeling tho..when you miss someone so much you actually feel sick; day after day. & hun there\'s alot of fish out in this huge sea. you will find someone someday that will love you with no strings attached. don\'t give up.

Wow. I love the poem. But I hate it at the same time. I\'m sorry honey but I must be honest. Tough love right? Well, your ex..he\'s an idiot.Anyway, I hate it because I know how he must have hurt you. That idiot. Someday you will find someone who is smart and wont give you up no matter what it costs him. :)

He did... A lot. Almost a year of my life wasted. But then again, the happiest of my life, ya know? Maybe I will, maybe I wont. I guess either way I\'m just stuck waiting huh? This is like the 12th time you\'ve called him an idiot last night alone, that I know of. But thank you.... This means a lot. I\'m glad we got to talk last night.

Yes.. but never let it stop you from being willing to be vulnerable.. for in the space of vulnerability is only where true love is found. It hurts when the wrong person gets your heart, but I believe once the right person comes along.. it will be worth it!