very exciting news

Im am very excited that I may have the oppertunity to take part in a TV series about infertillity! I will have the chance to bring light on this "secret" disease. I am in talks with mentor network about this. I have always felt that if i can hlep someone because of all that I have gone through then its not all in vane. I am very excited to break the asumption that infertility isnt a big deal and its a simple fix.
In other news its my Birthday today!!! Yuck, Im getting old!!! Dh took me to dinner last night at the Melting Pot. Sooooooo good!!! I drank a littl eto much. I had a Pomagrant Martini then a wine pairing with my meal. Um ya I'm not a drinker so it hit me good. But i kept waking up during teh night because my blood sugar was all crazy. That always happens when i drink. Well im off to the store. Have a good day everyone.