Very sad

I know its been a while since i've written a journal entry, i am fine and have been getting on with my life, although I am still not back at work as I hate my job and cant face going back yet.I am very very sad at the moment cos i got the news on sunday that an old and very good friend of mine took his own life on sunday morning. I just cant believe it , it seems so surreal that he is not here anymore. We had drifted in some ways although we had always remained friends, we used to be so clsoe years ago when we were younger, we did so much together and every time i think of him its with a smile. I have so much regret that i didnt make more time for him and make sure that i saw him more, I dont know why we let people that we love drift away from us but it happens and I guess thats life. I will always remember him with a smile, he was so gorgeous and such a great person its such a waste and i'm so sad about it.