Veneer peeling machine spin out of the leather roll is what reason

Because there is a strict kinematics relationship between the rotational motion of the wood section and the linear motion of the rotary knife, the continuous banded veneer can be cut according to the required thickness.
The thickness of a single plate is equal to the feed of the rotary knife when the wood section rotates one turn.
Whether the main motion is equal line speed or isometric speed movement, the feed speed should be strictly matched with the main motion speed to ensure that the thickness of the veneer is equal to the amount of each feed.
In order to obtain a single plate with uniform thickness, smooth surface and no cracks, the wood before rotary cutting is generally treated by a round machine.
When spinning, the pressure ruler should be pressurized to tighten the chip, as far as possible to reduce the cutting angle, the use of appropriate cutting speed and the correct installation of the rotary knife.

veneer-composer.jpg2. Install the height of the center line of the card as the standard, carry out the bolts of the rotary top knife, set the knife height at both ends, and then set the height of the middle, and gradually correct.

4. The height of the blade mouth is 0-1 mm higher than the center of the wood.
If the vibration occurs during the rotary cut, it is due to the low installation of the knife, adjust the blade until the knife is not shaken.
If the resistance of the rotary cut is too large or the case of broken skin, is due to the blade installation is too high, properly reduced to the appropriate can be.

Veneer peeling machine is an indispensable machine in the modern wood processing industry, along with the development of science and technology, the relevant technology of the equipment has been continuously improved, and the types of equipment are diversified, such as veneer peeling machine There are skin veneer peeling machine, 2.6 meters veneer peeling machine and other equipment.
Users can according to their own needs to choose the right product for their own.
The equipment in the wood processing industry has played a great role, the following to introduce you to the development advantages of the equipment.

Modern veneer peeling machine can be adjusted thickness, and the spinning out of the plate quality, high precision, not only to the wood processing manufacturers to save a lot of labor costs, but also to improve production efficiency, reduce the production costs of enterprises.
Although the equipment has this certain advantage in the development, but at the same time also has some shortcomings.
When the wood is placed for rotary cutting, the device's feed speed will be a bit busy, and the tool wear faster.
If the setting of the rotary cutter is too high or too low, it will affect a quality of the rotary cut wood.
In the face of these problems, I believe that in the future development of science and technology, the equipment will continue to overcome these defects.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, because solid wood furniture has natural environmental protection, texture clear and beautiful, non-toxic tasteless and other characteristics, by people's pursuit.
However, wood in the long growth process by different seasons, regions, sunlight and other natural conditions and climate, as well as man-made effects, resulting in different degrees of differences and defects, such as chromatic aberration, Death Festival, Live festival, etc., affecting the material utilization rate, restricting the quality of furniture and cost performance.
Therefore, how to improve the added value of solid wood furniture, improve the quality and grade of solid wood light furniture, to maintain solid wood furniture light coating after the effect of consistency, has been the confusion of everyone.
The use of bleaching process can solve this confusion, that wood skin bleaching after what is the benefit?

Solution: 1) Loosen the two ends of the machine pillow screws and adjustment screws loosened, appropriate to relax the knife door point, and then reduce the height of the tool, and then fasten the screws, so as to solve the problem of wood skin roll.
2) wood is too dry when you can spray more water, a little parking for a period of time, increase its wetting degree, and then spin basically can eliminate the plate skin roll situation.

Veneer peeling machine can be a stout wooden section spin out of a number of thin wood skins, these wood skins are the main raw materials for the production of plywood, so said the quality of plywood and wood skin closely related.
and the quality of wood skin is veneer peeling machine related, if veneer peeling machine failure, will affect the quality of the plate skin and the rate of skin, so in the spinning process once found problems to immediately stop inspection.
Veneer peeling machine A more common problem in the spinning process is that the leather rolls, and the leather roll will affect the flatness and gluing of the plywood.
What is the cause of the leather roll? What good solution is there?