Variation on a Theme

My books arrived yesterday from Koon!!!I haven't had time to begin to digest them yet and will give him my verdict later. LOL!!! I am truly grateful for his kindness.
Headline news- Arnie our dog has diabetes! He's been off colour lately and thirsty and losing weight and the vet confirmed this diagnosis. It means a shot twice a day and a rejigged menu. It's not too expensive-around $78 per 2 months which means about $5 pw each for Ivan and me. You do what needs to be done for goodness sake! If it was $200 what would we do? It doesn't bear thinking about! Arnie seems brighter already which is fantastic. He is a darling littlle foxy terrier crossed with a bichon friese, and we love him very much.
I should take him for the rock around the usual morning routine....
Found a pair of shoes yesterday-slip on canvas shoes and I also bought a nail file, nail varnish, some hairties and a green kindofa flack jacket. Tiny bit tight so hoping my diet will make it a better fit! LOL.
I am feeling good as usual-how great that it's becoming the default setting. What else can I say?
I am in a holding pattern with the bipolar-feeling fine on prozac-is it the prozac or is it me? Does it matter? I just feel so grateful to be feeling good!
I wish I had more imagination-I am too truthful to make things up!
Only 300 words seems a bit of a tall order today.
Things I am grateful for: Ivan, Arnie, my job, Bryan, smoking cheap tobacco, food, living in a beautiful place, the beach, having plenty of clothes, with all its surprises.
I really don't want to go for this walk but I feel I should....



So sorry to here of Arnies illness, but glad you caught it in time.