Valentine 2010

Oh my garsh... this one has to be better than last year! I must've been a MESS!!! I was declaring war and stuff... And my daughters... oh holy shit, what a mess. The situations with the daughters now... well, not great, but at least they are out of the house and I have energy and time for the other two ... I have more to give... And I have Poppy. This time last year, did I even DREAM of a Poppy? Could I have conjured her up in my wildest dreams? Or imagine how much I could love that magical little face? Or the comical cartoony antics she brings into this house every minute of the day... They're not giving me time to write today, they want to get going on making the heart-shaped pizzas and the heart-shaped pretzels and the love and the candy and the packages and the cards... they get so excited about just sitting down to the table together, for dinner, they're always asking for that, they crave it... We need to do that more often... I need to plan better. I can do that. I can get some plans in action, some more organization. Everyone in the house wants that... they just don't know it yet.,Let's make it a good Valentine's Day. God. Manifest in me... love and care... happiness, joy... I need to text daughters today, call mom, and deliver Valentines to Mary and kids... I need to do all that.