Vacation hell

I went on my first adult vacation with my mom to see my brother in Colorado only to end up in the hospital. I had my first grandmal seizure. They did a brain mri and things are getting worse instead of better. I see my neurologist in September. I scared the hell out of my mom and I do not remember anything except for coming to and being flat on my back in the parking lot. I have been going to my neurologist, my husband and I are fed up. If we do not get any results this visit she is fired and I am going else where. Because my mri shows their is something going on and if it continues I will be one sick person. I had to be taken off of my exelon when I had my seizure because they think that might have been one of the reasons I had it. While taking it I noticed I could retrieve information better then before. I also quit my sinemet because the side effects where just horrible. So now i have to readdress that issue as well. So need less to say summer has been a night mare. I have had so many people in my home visiting I just feel like I need a little peace and quiet. I just want answers. I am tired of my neuro saying some of what i am going through is anxiety, well hell I know what that is because it encopaseit tates me. I have not had any attacks like that so I think she is full of shit. Well I guess I am done venting. Thanks