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Cellular adhesion was determined by replating and counting adhered cells at 4 hours. Proliferation of cells plated for 24 hours was assayed by measuring [3H]-thymidine incorporation. Calcium content was measured by changing cells to differentiation media and measuring the calcium content on days 7, 14, and 21. Alkaline phosphatase assay showed more than 90% of osteoblasts staining in all samples. Osteoblasts from patients with CRS had significant decreases in adhesion (p impact the health of both the adults who experience IPV and the children who are exposed to IPV. Although IPV experienced by women has been linked to children��s asthma, this study is the first to examine this question among both women and men, and the first study in the United States to examine this question as part of a population-based data set. In 2005, ten US states/territories administered an IPV module and a children��s asthma module within the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). Lifetime IPV was assessed by four questions that asked about threatened, attempted, or completed physical violence, as well as unwanted sex, by a current or former intimate partner. The children��s asthma module asked respondents to report whether a randomly selected child in their household had ever been diagnosed with asthma and whether the same child currently had asthma. Women who experienced lifetime IPV, in contrast to women who never experienced IPV, were significantly more likely to report that their children had ever had asthma and currently have asthma. Among men, significant differences were not found when comparing men who reported lifetime IPV to those that did not report lifetime IPV. The results highlight the importance of primary prevention of IPV, as reducing the occurrence of IPV could improve not only the long-term health of those who experience IPV but also the health of their children. ""We previously demonstrated that human osteosarcoma cells (SAOS-2) induce contact-dependent apoptosis in endothelium, and expected similar apoptosis in human gingival fibroblasts (h-GF) using SAOS-2 alkaline phosphatase (AP) to identify cells.