Updating Goals

This week I am able to say I have made progress and I have not only filled up more units of time but I am establishing new relationships.
Volunteering at St Vinnies has resulted in me joining a monthly dinner group with local women and tonight I am scheduled to run a course to help people build their own websites. I know that contributing here will lead to more networks and connections. Which is what I need.
It finally feels as though I really did make the right decision this time last year and I am going to be able to settle here in this area and call it home.
Last night I had dinner with the group at Smeaton House, a wonderful old property that was one of the original sheep stations in the area. The owner took us out to the pioneers cemetary and I was blown away by the views. It was evident that we were in the centre of an old volcanic area and you could see how those volcanos had transformed the landscape. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I just wished I had taken a camera with me.
Next time I go I will make sure to take photographs.
Meanwhile, we are still waiting to have Mum throroughly examined but I cannot help but wonder if it would be better to just let nature take its course. Nothing good is going to come out of this surgery. Of that I am certain.
I hate seeing Mum stripped of everything. It is bringing back too many memories of Darryl's demise as he was able to do less and less, as his independence was totally eroded. I just wish we could treat our aged and dying more humanely.



Networks! Man oh man you have more Networks than Carter has Liver Pills. Your reputation for helping and mentoring others is legion. I hope, as you continue to give to others, that you gain the strength you require to deal with the emotional aspect of what is ahead with your mother.

I suspect that guiding others reinforces your belief in yourself. Keep up the good work.
It is great that you are fitting in in your new home. I applaud your bravery in re-locating.

You are doing very well with your goals. I am glad that you have found a place that will feel like home and that offers a life and possibilities. I would love to see the pictures you get when you visit Smeaton House again.

I have not been doing well with my goals. It seems that every time something looks great it just vaporizes. I get all excited for nothing. I have been thinking that maybe I should change my goals. I think I would make a mighty fine hermit. John always said that I was a hermit at heart.

I am sorry to hear that your mom is going to have surgery. It is a hard decision to make. It sounds like you are gong to have some rough days ahead. My heart goes out to you and your mom. I am praying that she can get through without suffering at any level. That rarely happens it seems. I pray for my mom too, for the same thing. Even though she frustrates me, I am beginning to be very worried about her. She seems to be losing ground at a much faster rate.

Great news to hear how well you are settling in to the area. Good luck to you and your Mum. I went through a very similar experience with my dad. It\'s such a difficult one but the focus just seems to be on the medical treatment of patients rather than on humanity, dignity and the natural course of events. I don\'t know what the answer is but I hope you find the strength and courage to sustain you. Take care and keep filling those units! Patrick
Community Leadermarjoe

I KNEW you would be able to settle in, Heather - it was just a matter of time. Your new friends will be lucky to have you in their lives, as I do, here. I also went through a similar thing with my mother. She had agreed to have a shunt put in her brain (this was brain tumor #3), which basically gave her 6 months, but not a good 6 months. The doctor kind of talked her into it - it\'s such a helpless feeling, to just essentially stand by. Prayers and hugs for you - Marsha

Looking forward to seeing those pictures! I do know what you mean about surgery and all that...for your Mum. It is a difficult decision to deal with. Blessings for you. Sue