I will try to update on my life this past year of pain. I have nerve pain in my right hip and now is going to my left hip. I have to sit on ice 24/7. I have been xrayed, MRI, poked and now I can't drive or do anything but stay in the master bedroom cuz it is easy to get to the bathroom. I can't get my doctor to listen to me. He just sent me to a hip doctor. This doc saiid there isn't anything wrong with the hip. You need to see a spine surgeon. You have L4-L5 disk ccompressing ôn your sicatic nerve. I have had injections inn September. It didn't work. So yesterday I called my ddoc and asked to be referred to Dr.R.  I have heard nothing from him.  I don't know what to do. I do know that I will be getting a new doc. I have SUFFERED for over a year. I want my life back. I am tired of crying in pain.



Spine surgeon! My brother just had back surgery. His discs were compressed and pinching on the nerves and he was losing his ability to walk. He is sixty one but has been suffering for ten years. He actually hit the bottle for a while trying to deal with this pain in his back. It shot down his legs a lot and the sciatica was paralyzing to him. He\'s a lawyer and needs to stand on his feet in court. He almost lost his job. Fortunately, they love him, he\'s really good at what he does and they just forgave him the days he was in too much pain to make it to work. They made a special chair for him to sit on in his office. It has a wooden block on it. I hear you. I\'ve watched him suffer with back pain for too long.

Last month he had spinal surgery. They put plates or rods or something in between the discs (what they did was simple enough to them, but I can\'t explain it to you)...they released the compression on the nerve (I would guess some of that would be the sciatic nerve) and he is one month post surgery and is walking again! His pain is still present, but it\'s half of what it used to be! He is on opiates for his bad days, but says he has many fewer days of debilitating pain. I am SO thankful he chose to have the back surgery.

Honestly, Darlene.....he recooperated in five days. I kid you not. He was well enough to work from home. He was back to work in ten days with no cane, and no wooden block on his seat.

Spinal surgeon. I feel it. You need one!!

I am praying for you right at this moment for direction in which doctor will understand exactly what procedure will pull you out of this hellish pain situation! xoxo

Much love! I hate it that you are suffering.