Update to increase

Okay, so here's another update but not a great one :(.  So, last update, my doctor upped my dose of Synthroid to 112mcg daily.... I decided to opt to have my tubes tied as I'm not getting younger and I have a unique situation to my marriage.  I had my surgery on Saturday (July 23).  I have felt nothing but woozy, dizzy, and like crud since.  However, on Sunday after surgery, I got a serious dizzy spell so off to the ER I went. I thought it might be surgery related.  Turns out my thyroid levels crashed, plummeted, and went severely hypo! WHAT? How? I have no idea.  My Free T4 went from being at 1.4 to 1.0 and my TSH jumped to 11.4!!! NO wonder I feel like crud.  The weakness in my muscles has started.... and I can't differentiate if it's my thyroid levels or the surgery or both or what that is causing all my misery now.  So, I saw my endo AGAIN on Monday and he upped me to 125 mcg daily now and it's wait and see again.  I will keep you posted.