Update on Tara

 July 26, 2009 I recieved an E-mail two weeks ago from a man who said his daughters were begging for a dog. He wanted to know if I still had her. I had to stop and think....did I want to give her away?  I knew it wasn't fair for her since I can't walk her and she needs a yard to play in. I requested the children be brought too so I could see how they interacted with each other. She did ok when they walked in. She didn't bark like she normally does but she did when the man moved.  She barked a lot. Then he talked to her and she came over and let him pet her. The man told his daughter to look at her ears the way they were bent back meant she was scared. He seemed to know about dogs too. He said he has a fenced in yard with wire across the top. He lives on a farm and has a fenced in yard. I went to the van and told her goodbye. I thought I would cry and I didn't. I felt she was going to a good home. I sent an E-mail and asked how she was doing in her new home. He said she was great and the girls loved her and she loved the cows outside. He thanked me for giving her to them. I never missed her a lot until I took care of my daughter's large dog while she went with her husband to the beach. As I pet Max I thought of Tara. Tara was so protective of me.  She was such a good dog. She would come to the computer and juse her nose to move my arm so I would pet her. I had 3 dogs here. Oscar was used to Tara playing with him but Max didn't want it at all. Mattie is a small older dog and she would try to attack him. She didn't want a puppy around her. We had to keep them in different rooms or he would have to be taken upstairs.