Update on Natural path

Ok so I am on day 3 of my natural path, making sure I take my pills when needed and eating foods directed. I am finally settling down with pain from my surgery I think. But I am finding come afternoon I am tired and sore. I have had 2 good days WOOHOO! pain and fatigue in the evenings/night but today I have been up 3 hours and I am in pain. Not alot but it feels like the begining. It's sunday and we arn't doing much so I will be lazy today.
Overall though I am feeling some what ok, it's only day 3 and I'm going onto my 6th week waiting for my period, I'm not worried about being pregnant because it's always a week or so late each month. I'll worry if I go passed 8 weeks or something.
I am hoping this lifestyle change will be of benefit to me. But I worry it will come back like last time..But if I can get the pain underwraps I maintain it can grow and I wont know anything about it. However I am VERY interested to see how my period goes, will it be painful? how will the flow be? will I have clotting? etc etc. I will document it when it finally comes.
So, no MAJOR changes.. it was similar to last time, after my operation once the operation pain itself settled... I started with pain and fatigue in the evenings sometimes during the day and it slowly progressed especially after having periods. So my first period will be a test!
Update soon =)