Update on life

Wow.. I haven't tuped on here in forever. i was still going through the whole berendon thing the last time i was on here. lol. Well i am doing tons better. I am in a way better place than the last time i was on. For one, i took some time for just me. I found out what i wanted and who i was. Then i focused on everything else. I am on track to graduate this year and am set to go to college this fall.
     I just started dating my best friend in the whole world, Mckay. He's so awesome! We've been dancing around eachother for a long time now and finally decided to make it official. I am so happy i can't stand it!
      February has been one of the harder months becuase that's when my mom passed away, but i'm working through things that way too. I have an amazing support system that I don't know what i would do without.
well I guess that's all for now!
Love ya,



I am happy for you! (((HUGS)))