update on Imipramine

Well it has been almost 3 months since I was prescribed Imipramine and it has brought me to a level that is above suicide but still have depression it is from my life that has been racked from the illness . 1)I still have ED and that depresses me and a erection in a pill is a real boost to your self esteem NOT...2)sleep is still shetchy and I am not getting REM sleep .I am up and down all night sleep for 2 hours and up for 2 hours it is really frustrating and being tired all the time sucks and depresses me ....3)I am dizzy allot and am afraid of things real fear where my legs shake and I am dizzy but I keep on trying to live a normal life (NORMAL) WTF.I just want to live a average life and have some type of real life. I am depressed so much and am waiting to see what my shrink says before I make any decisions about my future . I am concerned about my future I am having trouble fighting off the desire to die .



well you just keep on fighting ..we lift each other when we fall ..we hold each other and wipe away tears , we sit quietly and listen to all that makes no sense but respect each others right to feel it..and we know we are never alone because we aren\'t. We want so much for each other and yet we want so little for ourselves..strange huh?I guess that\'s what true friends do...
love you always, from your friend Sue

I hate to hear that. I still deal w/anxiety and depression, but I have really come a long way at getting better - and drug free.
I\'ve heard EMDR is very effective. I haven\'t done much of it with a therapist, but it helped when I started walking when I had anxiety & thinking about what was causing it & telling myself things are really OK. I read somewhere that this is a similar effect as EMDR treatment because the scenery passes your vision while you walk.
I really made headway when I started riding my bike - I did it for 1-2 hrs 5-6 days/week for 2 months. I felt the improvement during the first week - but the constant anxiety almost went away, even after I stopped riding so much. I\'m sure exercise it\'s self is very helpful, but I wonder if the EMDR effect wasn\'t a big part of my feeling better.
Another thing I had to do for depression, was to simply change my thinking patterns around - completely change my attitude about myself and about the world around me. I had to make a deliberate effort to think positive and to love and respect myself so that I could be open to other people\'s love & offer it back.
I\'m still working with all of these things, and sometimes I feel my symptoms when something stressful comes into my life. It\'s not as severe or as long lasting as it used to be - so much more tolerable to get through it.
Keeping positive, supportive, healthy people around you, that inspire you and just make you feel good really helps too.
Some people may need drugs - or they may help calm some people down long enough to help them start working on their issues. But for me it was just a numbing device - I felt better for a little while but before a year was up, I felt like they were just preventing me from moving forward -- because I couldn\'t feel my real feelings -- How do you work through your problems when you can\'t see/feel them?
Also - the process requires working through the unpleasant feelings as well - they need to surface & be released - so fear/sadness/anger - let it pass through you (in a constructive way that doesn\'t hurt anyone of course :) )

And quit worrying about \"normal\" What is \"normal\"? Everyone has something about them that makes odd, or unique. Working through something this tough can make you a stronger, wiser person. You\'re experiences have changed you - but as much hardship and heartache that comes with them - they can also enrich you. You might as well accept what is & look on the positive side of it, because you can\'t just wiggle your nose & make it all go away.

Hope you get to feeling better

u seem like a nice genuine guy i got from someones prfile
would like to get to know u
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also i just added u because i know that feeling all TOO well u are talking about in your legs like u might lse cntrol
lets talk chat(((((((((((((((((((huggies)))))))))))))))))))))