Update: 23 weeks 3 days

Well I had another appointment today with the high risk dr. to check my cervix and everything is measuring great;  so unless I go into preterm labor I won't have to go back to them.  They also did a quick scan of the baby and heartrate was 150 and he has now flipped and is head down.  It was really great to see him again and the tech gave me a few pics to take home (I'll try and post one later).
I feel alot of relief  knowing that I don't have any cervical issues so hopefully this little guy will be more cooperative than his brother and stay in until at least 36 weeks : )  Otherwise, we have started getting the babies room ready; all the furniture is in his room and I put his bedding on the crib.  I just need to decorate and get a new chair for his room; part of me is still holding back on finishing things and getting baby clothes ready.
Thank so much everyone for all your support!  I wish everyone the best with their pregnancies and lots of sticky baby dust to those ttc!!!



awww so glad to hear everything is going so great for you and baby!!!! I bet you did get a little relief from todays appointment:) hopefully we will get to chat soon! looking forward to seeing the sono pic of littlest guy!!!