up late

Been obsessing over some really trivial things the past couple days. I'm talking hours and hours.  Racy thoughts, starting to stay up late, did I mention obsessing!??  Am trying to listen to some music and journal so I am forced to sit down and not be moving around so much.  Damn this disease never ceases to amaze me.  My energy levels change with the wind.  I've felt very out of sorts for a time now....trying to keep a handle on it. I think some days it's just what it is and I can't always harness it.  If I could only express what's been happening, I think I may feel better but my brain has turned into a momentary(fingers crossed) mishmosh of racy, obsessive thoughts, feelings, physical "waves" that are uncomfortable to have happen.  Don't like the panicked feelings. And now up late at night, I just took some benadryl too.  I thought taking some extra klonopin would do the trick and help me to feel tired enough to fall asleep, but to no avail.  I am hoping the benadryl works.  Screw this, just screw it.