Up & Down, This & That, A Little Bit Of Everything

Should of made notes as I thought of stuff, seemed to have alot I wanted to document yesterday but now I betcha I'll forget stuff.
Went to my GP for our flu shots & I needed a pap test & stuff.  Well he decided he might as well give me a once over checkup.  Sent me for blood work.  They did 25 different blood test & took 8 tubes of blood.  I think they tested me for everything known & maybe not known to man.  I made a list of all the tests cause I'm curious so I want to look some of them up.  I guess at least I can say the man is thorough.
I'm going to be seeing a new reflexologist on Thurs.  He seems like he's gonna be really great.  He's ver into alternative medicine.  He said 1st we'll talk a bit & establish where I'd like to go health wise which will enable him to decide how to treat me.  It will most likely be a combination of Reiki and Reflexology.  He also does this crystal bowl treatment thing which is something with several types of crystal bowls to help tune & refine your bodys energy forces.   I know alot think it's really weird but I know from experience it's really fabulous & is a huge part of how I do pretty well.
It's funny since I lost my last reflexologist, which was abt 3 months ago now, I could really feel myself shifting downwards - don't want to go there ever again.
My sister's depression is acting up.  She's been off work for a few months now & seemed to be rallying pretty good although there were some real ups & downs.  They were going to hospitalize her then decided not to.  Well she was put in the hospital yesterday (psychiatric ward) to get her back on track.
Does it make me an awful person if I get so darn frustrated.  There are times where I'd like to just take her & try & make her see that she shd be able to help herself & not just sit back & wait for everyone else to fix things.  Like, darn it, why can't she just pick herself up, dust herself off & get to it especially when she can talk to me abt what should be & where she as a person would like to be.  I really do think she actually likes being hospitalized.  I just can't get a handle on this.  Man they think Lupus is a confusing condition to live with, I'm almost believing that Depression beats it.  I've really got to get this out of my head cause I can easily feel & see that I'll be the basket case if I keep stewing abt this.
But Lupus wise I think I've left that nasty August way behind & am totally coming around although I've still got odd days that I don't function too well.  I'm really thinking my new relexologist is gonna be just the trick to set me back on the high I had achieved.  Man did that feel good.  Still have to do some more serious diet research though, get with it Pat.
To all who took time to read this, I do love you dearly.



I Have A Brother Like Your Sister,
Yes, It Is Frustrating. .

TAKE CARE, Of Yourself.. .Too !.......OK ?

Love Ya, Barbara

Nice to see a journal from you!! LOL Well my dear you know I live with a mental person who is far beyond anything I ever knew about. Mental illness is awful. I don\'t think there is a cure for it, all they do here any was is to give pills that seem to make Terry sick more then help him.. He has ton of medicine but takes it once in a while , some times it helps some times it doesn\'t. I never know what kind of a day I will have with him, his moods change every minute. he is always critizing me and everything I do say and he is never happy. He just told me on Friday he wished he was dead! How sad is that.. Pat if he was different our lives could be so much nicer but he is mean, nasty and so unhappy and there is nothing I can do. I pray for him and I ask God ot heal him thats about where I am at or its a divorce.. Not sure which way to go but yes mental illness is awful, they can not help themselves, there is some thing wrong in there brain. I hope that helps you a little bit. Glad your getting all check out cause I need my sister around for a long time!1 I love you to the moon and back.. Frieda xxxooo

Mental illness is very frustrating indeed.
Take good care of yourself and let others deal with your sister.

Ah, I missed another one! No it doesn\'t make you awful to wonder about your sister. I feel that way about dsil. But sometimes it helps those of us who are frustrated to try to see that others \"might have a piece missing\". We have it, so we can\'t understand why they don\'t have it too. Yes, sometimes they are just being lazy, but I think other times, they are struggling in areas that we find easy. But that doesn\'t mean we have to step in and baby them. It\'s all back to that balance you spoke of. Find the balance in helping them but not enabling them. I\'m still working on this, so I might not be too much help lol. I tend to be all or nothing, and that\'s not good either. I am glad you have been feeling better in some ways and hope the new reflexologist spurs you forward. Keep us posted on all the results!