Up, Down & All Around

Big Sigh............what to say, where to begin, without sounding senseless & rambling.
Saw my rheumy last Thurs. Went pretty good I think with the exception he wouldn't take me off prednisone yet however, I'm down to 1/2 a pill every day which would be, what, 2.5 mg or whatever. Still staying on methotrexate too, big sigh. I think he feels that although I'm pretty well balanced I still had to tell him that I do have some extreme dry mouth issues & had a bout with my vasculitis when I had that cold in May. There's been a few other minor things once in a while but he's fussy that way & until I can go a set period of time satisfying to him abt 95% symptom free then me & a few drugs will stay buddies.
Saw my diabetes dr on Fri. I know now this new dr will really work for me. I guess as we get to know each other he's becoming quite easy to relate to & talk to. He did say my thyroid is a bit off (can't remember which way) but I'm adding one extra pill so on say Sunday rather then 1 pill I'll take 2 so it will be rather then 7 a week it will be 8. He looked at me at one point & all of a sudden asked abt my injection sites it kind of thew me off for a min. I kind of showed him the areas & he asked me to just lower my sweats which I did. He wanted to see my abdominal area & when he did he was pleased. He told me abt someone he saw that a.m. that had only been using the same two abdominal spots for 20 yrs or so & that the spots were so bad you couldn't even touch them. When he reviewed my blood tests he was not happy abt the extreme lows I had. Actually he was not happy abt all the ups & downs. His main concern with my lows is the brain damage that can occur & that at my age it’s more of a concern because it can’t really be reversed totally. We talked abt I know it’s a carb count issue with my diet & that I just can’t seem to get total control on that particular thing. So he’s going to send me to our city’s major health centres Diabetes Education Centre to sit down with a dietition, it’s been abt 3+ yrs since I have anyway so it will be good.
I’ve been feeling way too fragile lately, like I’m so trying to balance on this super fine wire & I’m getting so tired of trying all the time. Hubby had the bone scan (gee even in print here I hate having to go here, I don’t want to be here darn it all) now we suffer till Sept 9th to find out??????????????????? I keep telling the Lord I’m trying to fight so very hard but it’s at times getting just too hard. Then, Bingo, all of a sudden I’m good old me again, then Bingo, I wake up feeling sort of black again. Oh boy, that’s all I can say! I’m so putting out there that we will conquer & win, we will conquer & win!!

OK I’ve whined enough here for now so for my friends reading this I do so love you for letting me unload a bit of my burden.