Under Seige - Day 2

I swear to God the same rash, same intensity plus some of my husbands ignorant attitude.
So, OK check the Prednisone bottle, nope not suppose to mash up, add water, make paste, etc.  I get up at 4:00 am.  I've a long wait,,,,,again.  Pharmacy opens at 8:00.  I'm there, in complete and utter misery.  No, no phone call in the middle of the night to fill my Rx. 
Go home, Call Dr. AssHole's office, voice mail, lovely.  Leave message, urgent tear filled messsage.  Try guided imagry, regular over the counter cordisone cream (like water for a migrane I tell ya). 
10:00 am back at the Pharmacy.  Dr AssHole has not called.  Am thinking of fillet knife again and TA DA, a thought!  Can any doctor prescribe this?  Yes!  Thank you Jesus!
Call my Dr., the good Dr., whose assistant puts me on on hold (feels like forever but then again the hives kinda skew time),  talks to him, (he may have been in with a patient, he is very busy) He sends the Rx over.  God Bless you Dr. Rosenfield.
20 minutes later, I'm home slathered in the stuff (use sparingly my ass). 
While it was not the miracle I was praying for, it was some relief.  Back to work today.  Now have bruises.  Not an option to call Dr. AssHole.  No, not ever.



What type of work do you do? I am glad that you had a Dr. that was able to assist you.