Under Seige

These hives are a major bitch.
Thursday and Friday were really super pain filled. I figured up that I was awake for 18 hours between 8p Friday night and 10am Sunday morning.  Sunday I almost had a regular day.
Yesterday when I woke up my skin was trying to eat me.   Miserable. 
Had to wait for 3 hours for The doctors office to open.  Had to wait 1 hour 47 minutes in the waiting room.  At least my Dr. had the decency to seem like he felt bad.  He had to know I was waiting that long.
I could have gone to the ER, but $200.00, and for a rash.  Figured I would save that for when I might have to fillet my skin.  Dr. wants to run every test known to lab kind.  Still no relief. 
So..my Dr. calls my Rheumy who decides to send me to a Dermatologist, let's call him AssHole, to take a biopsy of my rash.  Rheumy starts me on Prednisone, but not until AssHole gets a piece of me.
Of course AssHole is a 30-40 min drive away but he can get me in at 2:15.  I wait in his waiting room for 1 hour 45 minutes.  My skin starts to back off the feeding frenzy, probably realizing what was coming up.
AssHole doesn't give me any ointment, shots, words of encouragement.  But he does write me a script for steroid cream.  Feeling better anyway.
Get to the pharmacy.  They've got the prescription but what type???  Lotion, cream or gel.  I'm like "I really don't have a preference just as long as it works".  Oh no, doesn't matter what's good with me, needs to be written by Dr. AssHole.  My Pharmacist calls AssHole that night and the next day.
Of course AssHole has closed shop by then, going along his nice, hive free, Lupus free life.  AssHole.  I'm feeling better anyway.  Take my 3 Prednisone Rheumy got for me.
I wake up the next morning, and would you believe (I know my husband doesn't) my skin was trying to eat me again.
I'll be God damned.  Was I suppose to mash up that prednisone, make a paste and rub it on my body.  I must have missed something.
Husband with his 'tone',  "how did you sleep?"
I slept like the dead what does that have to do with anything?
"Hmmm, weird how you could sleep and then the rash is back the next morning."
Tomorrow; Under Siege, Day Two



my daugh had that happen to her. She got a horrible rash because of one of her meds. She quit taking it and it slowly went away. You R in such misery and man do I ever feel sorry for you!!! I pray that asshole dr gets the ointment or whatever straightened out for you and soon!!!! June.