under different circumstances

I met with our community juvenile detective and drug task force guy today to talk about their roles in the presentation my husband and I created.  What a difference meeting under these circumstances from the meetings I used to have when they involved my son. We were joking and laughing - while discussing the heavy subject of drugs, arrests, and such.  I'm glad that they are going to be a part of our program - making it more of a community effort.  Now to start practicing!   
As for T - Obviously -- I wish he would (or could) stop using drugs altogether.  We are seeing signs of maturity, however, and his desire to do more with his life.  Currently, he attends a local community college part-time.  He goes but he hates it.  He says that his classmates are very dumb and annoying.  He says it so frustrating but he'll go one more semester and then wants to go to a film school in NY.  Really?  I want so badly for him to go.  I know in my heart that he will succeed (success is measured by his happiness for what he does) because he's so creative and smart and loves cameras.  They do have an awesome program right at the college he goes to right now - so I suggested to him to take some courses there to see how he likes it.  I didn't comment on his desire to go to NYC.  I didn't want to burst his bubble nor did I want to make him think he can't or can.  Not sure at this point.  All I know is he said he'd like to get away from his "friends".  Wow!