Unappropiate woman

It makes me so sad when someone judges a photo the way she did. I have a screen saver of my son toothless making a scary face on my tablet. I was sitting next to a lady that i had just met. when I changed it over to the scriptures she said thank you with a sigh of relief. I wanted to tell her not to judge not knowing anything about the photo. And the accomplishments my son has made and the reason his picture looks like a homeless man. Scott has his front teeth pulled getting ready for dentures.the face he is making is quite funny.how dare she judge him and i can't tell her what i think because it would bring me down to her level of judgment. people shouldn't judge something like that without knowing the story that goes with it. When she sighed i said this is my son. and would have added to whom i love for being my loving son and for the accomplishments he had made in the last year. i guess i am judging her here so i better stop. i just needed to vent.