UGH! 06/10/13

It is Monday again.  Hubby got off to work on good time this morning without a problem I guess.
Grand daughter actually let me sleep until almost 9am today!! It was so nice and dark in my
room that I wanted to just stay in there and rest. Now if you have ever spent much time around
an active 5 year old, rest is NOT in their vocabulary!! LOL So we got up and moved to the
living room. The morning was filled with the usual tv shows, knock knock jokes,etc that tend to 
entertain a 5 year old while I tried to do things on the internet.
About 12 noon, I decided that I had better get my butt up and moving if we were going to
have supper tonight. I know that most afternoons/evenings that my energy levels are low to
just flat out gone. So I finally made it into the kitchen and got busy. I ended up making a 
spaghetti casserole for tonight since the kids are coming back to stay the week, baked a
yellow cake and iced it with homemade icing, and then fixed a lunch of leftovers for the
granddaughter and myself. Of course, I had dirtied dishes so I had to get them all washed
up and left to air dry this afternoon.
So things are pretty well ready to roll for supper tonight..just kind of down to heat and eat
type deal!  Can't beat that I figure! LOL  I will open a couple cans of corn or french style
green beans to go along with things plus the canned fruit I have chilling in the refrigerator.
I may have to feed the gd a little early as she has VBS tonight at 6:30pm and not certain
when every body else is getting here.
So the rest of my day looks to include a nap with gd, picking up a little more, finish getting
supper around and gd to VBS tonight. Sad thing is that today and Tuesday are our down days
this week! 
 VBS runs in the evenings all week until Friday. Princess Dance camp is Wed - Fri mornings
also.  Softball is Thursday night for gd. I have to go have labwork done on Wednesday for
my INR. Hubby has a doctor' appt on Thursday afternoon and Eastern Star in the evening. I
should go to Star also but will spend my time running gd instead that night. Supposedly, the
kids are leaving on Friday if we can take them home. A quiet weekend is starting to look
good to this kid already!
Just hope my energy levels stay up and I can handle the heat they are calling for this week.
I am not a huge fan of summer hot temps to start with and really doubt I will be this summer
especially. Oh well..that is why we have central air in the house.  Too bad I can't just hide out
under it all summer long.
Later everyone! Hope you are having good days today.