Ugg So much for improvement much?

So i thought being in college would make things so much better..... they lied!!! I'm so separated from my friends and my room mate tends to annoy the major crap out of me.. .one friend i have just moved off campus cause her room mate couldnt grow up and the other one tends to annoy me with a somewhat addiction to sex...not to mention she's somewhat bipolar which im fine with i just kind of get mad when she takes shit out on me when ive been with her the whole day or something i know it probably can't be helped.... but still arg... today she pointed out i was an anti social hermit and sadly she's pretty much right i don't have any other friends outside of them that i actually hang out with and it's funny how people bashed me for playing World of warcraft and i dont even play that much anymore actually not at all i get on to check and see whose on and thats it...and what's even worse is it's the holidays!!! I'm so alone it's not even funny... there will be no christmas joy just work work work this holiday.... me included not just my parents... i want someone to cuddle up with in front of the fire... GERRRRRRR soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible!