two weeks

two weeks an i get to find out wha the baby is, i hope its a boy. names have changed a thousand times in my head but now im thinking about Aidenet (Aid-e-net) for a girl and Ronan for a boy, both irish names from a book i read.
17 days till christmas,  dont the shopin for my sister, neice, and new baby cusin, an my sister in law already. still wana do a lil more for my sister and i gotta do both my brothers an my ma.
still no luck on gettin a job no ones hireing, plus i have no expiriance. so kinda gettin frustrated since i have no way to buy things for the baby.



This has got to be such a scary and exciting time for you. Have you looked around for other resources to help you get baby things? If there are any crisis pregnancy groups nearby, they can help you out a lot with baby clothes and other things you need. Here\'s a link where you can find out what\'s near you.
Looking forward to hearing whether you have a girl or boy...the names you\'ve chosen are lovely.
Hugs, Carol