two nights in a row

He's slipping back into the not coming home mode.  Because the curfew is 1AM, he chooses not to come home because he knows he'll be locked out.  I did text him last night, however, and he did say that he was going to be a little late.  Little?
Although he's defiant in this area - things are much different than they were when he was using before.  To me - it's obvious that his usage and level of addiction hasn't escalated to the point he's out of control.  And because that is so it's hard to do the tough love thing because he's pretty manageable - especially since my husband thinks that it isn't necessary, I am just taking one day at a time.  As our counselor friend said - there's no right or wrong answer.  
On the upside - we won our soccer game last night!  It was so much fun because we beat our rivalry in the last 15 seconds!  And we won the entire division last session - taking home t-shirts as the prize.  LOL   I don't know what I'd do without this game.  Soon outdoor will be starting - so I'll be back to playing 2 or 3 days a week!  
Update:  Decided to let the curfew thing go but I'm not going to tell him that right now, I just won't bring it up.  It's been our bone of contention and it isn't worth the arguing. We actually got into an argument because he was asking me to buy him cigarettes and to get his cell charger back.  He was extremely upset because his gf broke up with him and he needed to text her.  He also was out of cigarettes and very cranky.  I gave in thinking it wasn't a battle worth fighting - especially because of his situation.  Not sure what to do anymore.  I have to let things go ........