Two for one

   I heard a blip from a song.  Remember there was a time when I had given up listening to music until I heard the song "Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts.  Anyway, this blip had me searching for the source.  Anyone and everyone that reads this needs to listen to the song "On a Good Day" by Oceanlab.  It's got a beat to it and if you are a toe tapper like me you will enjoy it.  I wake up in the mornings and after my shower I plug in my headphones and sing and dance while I do my hair and makeup.  This one song will keep me going until I have it memorized.  Every word and every note.  It's something I've done since I was a kid.  Kind of an OCD thing I guess.  But it so fits where I am right now.   This whole time in our life right now is just a blip.
    I read an article on here by Susan Quinn about three things that are required in a relationship.  "Interest, Acceptance and Support"  No relationship will work without those three things.  That seemed so simple.  Surely it was more complicated than that.  But... no, it's not.  I think of all of the times when I needed him to tell me what to do.  He never did, not once did he even say "If I were you".  That was a lack of interest and support.  I think of times when I would say do you want to do this or that?  The answer would be "no, I just want to hang out here".  That was a lack of interest.   Funny how he can look at it and say "I love you and I want you to be free (IF that's what you want).  Never taking any of the responsibility of the relationship.  Funny how he can give me my freedom because that's what I want.  Even funnier is how he will give me my freedom but he won't give me his heart.