Twice now

It has been two weeks since I got my kids and I got them again today.  My ex was kind enough to bring them to church but I still had to go pick up the kids from her house afterwards. I made lunch for the kids.  They like it when I make lunch for them.  We played inside for awhile and went to the park for awhile.  The little one was so tired she almost fell asleep on the way home. My ex was not happy that she did not have a nap.  I dont think she would sleep for me now being that she is too excited. The kids had a great time but like always it was over to soon.  I dont know if they will be at church next sunday but I will get more time with them the following sunday.  It is a hard road but to see the love those kids have for me makes it all worth it.  I have a visit witht lawyer tomorrow to go over some things.  Hopefully the divorce is sooner than later.  I have discovered that my heart is healing now.  I am still not ready to date yet.  Dont know if I will ever be but I am feeling a strange thing.  I found out recently that strange thing is called peace.  Never new I had it in me.  Two more weeks.  Then I can spend some more time with my kids.