Twice in one week!!!

Hard to imagine but I got to see my kids twice this week.  Feeling a little pissed after haveing the court date postponed I texted the stbx and asked if she could drop by on halloween.  She said yes.  The kids were thrilled to see me.  I was also.  Not to see me, to see them.  AFter that we went to my mothers so her and my dad could see them.. They have not seen them since easter.  The kids were very happy and did not want to leave.  My stbx asked the kids atleast a dozen times if they were ready.  They never answered.  I am sure the kids had a wonderful halloween.  I also got to see them in church!!!  The boy was quiet but more like his old self around me.  The youngest one was clamoring for me, want my attention the whole time. The oldest just sat there, not really there.  I am sure the other side of the family is pulling on her and it has got to hurt. I gave her a few hugs and left it that.  What a wonderful weekend.  I am praying that they make church next week and that I get a new date in court soon so that I can start seeing them every week.  I know this is all in gods hands and with time this to shall come to pass.