Tuesday, March 2

Hello everyone,  I am doing ok here.  I went to my radiation at 3 as scheduled.  I woke up this morning with my right breast getting very hard and quite tender to the touch.  Getting some redness associated with the radiation.  See the radiologist tomorrow for my 2nd week meeting.
Really not much going on today.  I have good energy today.  Yesterday I felt tired and alittle out of sorts.  I am glad it was kinda nice here in Cheektowaga - around 38 degrees.  It was nice getting home at 3:15pm.  I will be back to my old work schedule a month from today.  The radiation will all be over with, starting the tomaxifil and going into my PKD treatment.
PKD - nothing to report I see the primary dr next thursday the 11th.   I did break down and drank a diet pepsi today.  I really needed it.  It might have been the withdrawls and the pepsi calling me...LOL!!!  Tomorrow is another day and I won't have any.  I think I might limit myself to 2 - 8 oz diet pepsi's a week until I finally kick the habit.  I have been pretty good about not eating the fast food joints.  There are two in this neighborhood and I really don't visit them (mcdonalds or burger king).  My fast food to date is Wendy's.  The closest one is on transit road near wherle drive (near my old work).  Thats fine with me. 
I can't wait until it gets nice so I can go to the park and do some walking.  I also can't wait until I can do some rollerblading at Niawanda Park along the Niagara river and grand island bridge area.   My rollerblades are calling out to me right now (they are in the closet). Will I be able to run again to do a 10.5 minute mile.  If I can really quit the sodium and cut way back on the diet pepsi I probably could.  I retain a lot of water by eating a lot of salt. 
My goal is to lose 35-40 lbs by the end of September.  Right now, i stand at 187.  40 lbs would lead me to 147 (where I should be) or 153.  It would be nice to wear a size 12 instead of size 16.  As soon as I hit 30, my metabolism decided to take a nose dive. 



I\'m glad to read that your taking care of yourself. Diet Pepsi is my vise!!! I gave up caffeine for lent and thankfully they have a caffeine free version. But come summer time after working in the yard and a tall glass of water, I love a really cold can of diet pepsi.

Keep up the great work!