Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm still okay....not great, not lousy.  Still having some anxiety but I think it's getting better...haven't taken an Ativan since Sunday.  My psychiatrist said that the anxiety and some of the other symptoms I'm having are the result of the od and will get better in time.  Seems to be true since it seems less each day.  It'll take a little longer to be back to normal because I'm still on the loxapine for sleep so my body doesn't totally get a chance to rid itself of the drug.   I'm going to call work today and see if anything can be worked out.  I'm also going to call my counselor and see if I can schedule an appointment for next week...2 weeks until my next psych appointment and that feels too far away. Not much else to report or talk about.  Still spending money like crazy...thinking about removing the goal about getting outta debt for now.  I see it and I don't really care about it.  I think it's the moods I'm in lately.  I dunno.  Spent close to $100 yesterday.