Trying is so hard!

Okay, trying to think positive, is such a hard thing for someone like myself to do, and I find it even more difficult to do with Jo my younger sister around. Its like I have to compete with her or something, because she always seems to be better than I am at everything.I find it so frustrating! At first it was that she seemed more smarter than I was at her age, and she was doing good in art and cooking, (the things I am good at!) guys are even apparently asking for her number (thats the worst!) and she had such a grin on her face when she asked if any guys had asked for my number and I said no. It's not like I want strange guys to ask for my number! Its just it makes me feel like I'm more fatter or uglier than her because guys noticed her and they didn't notice me.And I do try not to be jealous! But everything she seems to do drives me totally insane! She always goes around the house singing these stupid songs which have words like "...and I know how I feel about you now..." or "...I have all these dreams in my head, of you and me together, waking in each others arms." Anyway the words get stuck in my head, as well as her voice,(which also surprise, surprise makes me jealous of her, because she probably sings better than I do also!)And at present the worst is that she wants to get a job, and I guess I don't want her to have more money than I do or something! But I just don't want her to get a job because she may become more confident in speaking than I am or something, and I hate that maybe she is better with kids than I am! And I worry guys will find her more attractive in that way as well and would want to marry her more than me! I totally sound crazy I know! But I don't how to stop being jealous of her!