Trusting the WRONG Ob/Gyn

I have always been a very timid person when it came to Dr visits.  My sister had introduced me to her Ob/Gyn and after going to visits with my sister, she finally became my Ob/Gyn, as well.  I have some female problems due to losing a child many years ago and I trusted this doctor to help me. 
After getting out of a relationship with an abusive man that had been unfaithful, I turned to my Doctor for help with testing.  My sister went with me.  I asked to be tested for everything.  I explained that he had been abused sexually as a child, used drugs, and was unfaithful and abusive during the relationship. 
My doctor did the testing (i thot).
She called and said everything came back okay.
I had some surgery following that appointment and we thought I was going to be diagnosed with Cancer - lots of abnormal cells..... she was pretty certain.  She called me at home, late at night, to tell me the good news of no cancer.  She was shocked she told me.... She really thought it would come back positive for cancer.  At the same time, another set of dr's were looking at a mass that they found in my hip.  It disappeared after about 3 months.  Same thing.... potentially cancer. 
So, then over a year and a half later, I got the letter and  got tested and found out that I was HIV positive.  So, I called my Dr's office and spoke to her nurse. 
Guess What! Never got tested for HIV.  It's a costly test, I was told, and I "didn't have a lot of money".   That was the reason my doctor didn't perform the test.  She said she did usual testing but not the more expensive tests.  I had blue cross insurance thru work.... guess that wasn't good enough for her.  Funny how it was good enough to pay for the 4 procedures/ surgeries she had completed.
So, how many people did I expose to this?  Everyone that participated in the surgeries? Anyone I dated?  I married a man for a minute..... that's a story for another day.... what about him? My boyfriend?
All because I trusted the WRONG ob/gyn.