True Christmas Spirit-A Wonderful Turn of Events

Some people grow up with a connection to our Lod, some people have it planted at an early age & embrace that connection, some people thru a turn of events in life find a connection to our Lord and, others, well something wonderful just seems to happen & life takes a surprising uplifting turn.
This describes what recently happened in my home and is so uplifting that there was no way I could not share it with everyone at Daily Strength.
Over the last year and a bit I've found a church where I truly feel like I belong, where everything about it feels right.  My husband has been periodically watching the sermons on TV and attending a few services with me.  He too felt like this was fitting for him.  He's never really been connected to christianity in any great way and I too in adult life had drifted somewhat over the years although with him it was more he was turned off by all the churches seeming to drift to their own little corners, have their own little thoughts on whats right, etc. etc.  He's always said he could follow the bible but churches to some degree had seemed to be straying.
Anyway lately on alot of media here they were making it aware that two main facilities here, The Salvation Army and Siloam Mission were really having a very hard time this year especially with christmas coming on.  One facility said that if they didn't have enough turkeys then they'd feed everyone hot dogs.  Well our city folks seeing this on the news came thru with turkey's galore. People are amazing sometimes aren't they.
My husband all of a sudden one day said he felt he just had to do something too and that he didn't know where it came from but he just had to.  In talking I sat and pointed to heaven and said thats where it came from.  I think it stopped him for a moment but he could feel it was right.
So the two of us decided OK, lets buy some extras for dinners, potatoes, vegetables & other extras.  He decided to call his son who thought it was great & is giving us $10.  My dad too is in for $10.  My sister and her hubby are in for $20.
My husbands son & we too said you drive by the mission sometimes and you see so many people lined up outside and the physical & mental states they are in is on their faces.  My husbands son pointed out that you don't really know what caused their lifes to fall apart and for the bottom to drop out and they've got nothing you know.
So Tuesday a.m. we're going to a food wholesale store with about $70 for food to add to their turkey dinners for the several hundred Siloam Mission will have to feed.
Oh if I could find the words to describe how it feels to actually see and feel the Lords hand moving things in your life.
For all who have the chance to read this, I wish many blessings for your lifes and should you have the chance to pass little blessings on don't let it pass by for it makes you feel beyond wonderful.



That\'s wonderful! What a blessing for you, for him, and for those who end up with the food! It\'s funny you should post this today, b/c I was just going to post about how my husband and I differ about how we feel \"moved.\" haha. Sounds like you are in for a wonderful holiday with many blessings. love ya my friend!

I always knew you were a blessing it just took Mel a little longer to get on board.. I am beyond thrilled for you. Seeing a miracle .what more of a Christmas present could God give you? SO happy God is touching Mel\'s life. many more miracles I wish for the both of you. Love , frieda xxxoooo