Trigger- Treadmill/Cals mentioned

Today was meh. It started out a little rocky. I didn't wake up until one, and when I did I went on the treadmill but could only run for a half hour before I had to stop and take a break. I was so exhausted. I ran for a little while afterwards as well, but I only burned off 400 cals, which made me kind of anxious. I usually go for 500-600. 
I ate eight fucking animal crackers today which were the bane of my existence. They screwed everything up. The only other thing I've had was a little bowl of oatmeal and an apple. I know it's not enough, but it sounds like so much to me. I'm being kind of whiny and dumb right now. I feel like an attention whore whenever I talk about my eating habits so I kinda can't say anymore. It makes me so uncomfortable.
My ex han't texted back yet. Which is disappointing, but not surprising. But I knew it'd take her a few weeks to mull it over in her mind, plus at least she didn't text me back immediately upon receiving the letter to say "Leave me the fuck alone." Looking at the positives, I suppose.
Tomorrow I have to go pick up a copy of my high school transcript so I can send it into the state school in my town. I am staying home the first year of college and going somewhere nearby until I can get my shit together because I am a hot mess and I hate myself for it. 
I'm also opening up a checking account tomorrow, which is good. I have a job at Chuck E Cheeses, so I'm starting to make enough money that I should have my own account. I also got my permit a few weeks ago but haven't been practicing as muchas I should. I really want my license fairly soon.
Well, I've bitched enough for today. I'm off to make a hard boiled egg (my dinner staple). Hope everyone is well!