Travel to Madagascar

Madagascar, a tear-drop shaped nation off the eastern coast of Africa boasts of its rich wildlife and all-natural resources. From baobab trees to lemurs, this place is home to nearly 5 percent of all animal and vegetation.

Simply because of its being separated from mainland Africa, the island-nation's diverse wildlife has continuously evolved by itself. With 80% of the nature distinctive to Madagascar soil, this is the perfect spot for any nature and animal lover.

The French, English and Malagasy speaking persons of Madagascar are 1 of the most polite, friendly and cheerful individuals. Coming from 1 or much more of the riches cultures with origins from Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East the Malagasy individuals hold their customs, traditions and beliefs very essential to them.

Go to the nation's capital, Antananarivo, exactly where numerous vacationers go to take pleasure from fantastic accommodation and tourist amenities. With each budget and luxury hotels, holidaymakers can roam about the city to sample the food and markets without leaving their comfort zone. After Antananarivo, take a train to the port town of Toamasina renowned for its scenic coastline, enjoyable beaches, coral reefs and the central markets all situated on its sandy peninsula. For a cooler climate, go to the town of Antsirabe which is situated on the slopes of Mount Tsiafajavona exactly where one can ride a colourful rickshaw, soothe oneself in thermal baths and enjoy haggling more than handicrafts and artefacts in the town streets. Always remember to go on wildlife tours in nature reserves that are discovered all about the nation. Go to the Masoala National Park where 1 can experience the rainforest and coastal forest. With 3 marine parks and a terrestrial park to safeguard the wildlife, this location boasts of its uncommon species of eagles, serpents and lemurs along with its wealthy biodiversity.

The very best time to journey to tropical Madagascar would be from July to October when the climate is cool more than time with the nation's dry season. The least favourable time to go would be from November to April, the rainy season where thunderstorms and cyclones are fairly typical. Even though travelling in Madagascar has never been significantly risky, one's primary concern all through their travels would be the chance of thievery. Usually keep your valuables with you and be mindful of your belongings specially in crowded locations.

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