Transvaginal Ultrasound NO BABY TO SEE!!!!

I wnet to the Dr. to see what was going on with the pregnancy. One minute they telling me I MC then the next by blood count was high. I thought if I thought neg about the preg meaning not getting my hopes up because of MC then maybe just maybe the pregnancy would go ok. Well I went to the Dr because I was spotting a little. They told me that I may still be very early and might not be able to see anything. They did the TVU and the Dr said she did'nt see a sac or nothing. She said that by now she should be able to see something and there was nothing. She said that I might have a tubal pregnancy and she sent me to have blood work done STAT.I did  the blood work and cried at the same time b/c I was so tired of hearing the nurses and assistants say I'm so sorry. I thought when you real early in pregnancy that in order to do a TVU sound you would have to drink 2-3 glasses of water. I don't know I just feel like 2 scoops of chicken poop right now.I been wanting to find another OBGYN b/c these Dr here don't make me feel like their all that concern about me mC like I have since I've been under their care. The last time I MC they just did blood work and told me that the blood level was low so that mean I've MC and the baby should pass. I mean,  uhmmm aren't they suppose to make sure that happens so infection wouldn't set up. I think it's time for a new OBGYN. Every other New OBGY Nurse  I talked to ask me questions on what My   current OBGY did and all I could say was no specially when it came to the MC. The new OBGY  nurses I talk to ask questins like did they check your cervix, did the y check to see if you and your partner genes was compatible (or something like that), did they monitor this pregnancy, did they test you for diffrent thing that cause MC. All I could say was NO>>NO>>NO. b/c they didn't. I came on here( DS) and Dr. O told me to have them check me for some long word call (ANTIP>>>something...I couldn't prenounce it or spell it but I wrote it down) and I ask my nurse prac and she said "Who told you about that? Where did you get this from? No we want check you for that only if you have alot of MC back to back and this is just your third but you did have one sucessful."  I wanted to slap the SH!T out her b/c she was one of those smart one I guess around the office to others there she the one that tells you like it is...she don't take no mess. Well I wanted her to me my momma and her seven split personallities. Their names are: I WILL GET DEAD IN YOU AZZ. I need help on what to ask the new OBYN when I go to help me find out why I'm MC. Out of 5 pregnacies I only have my one son. I'm thankful for him God knows I am but I don't want him to be the only child like me , my dad and my dad mom was and also I want a big family while i'm young not at an age I should be through having kids. I'm 33 just turned that age and I would of had 4 kids. One of the MC happen right after the other one so that why  i say 4 kids. But stilll I wanted and want my Babies...I reallydid and do. I feel like my familty thinks something is wrong with me.IT's like when I tell them I'm pregnant again they look at me like the Sheperds looked at the lil boy who cried wolf...I mean it like their attitudes is like we want even budge b/c you ai'nt gone make it past 6 wks. When I told them the out come they was like "Oh Okay pass the peas pleases and hows the weather out side the weather man said we suppose to get alot of rain this way!!!" .....What in the HOT HELL!!!Well I'm out...until next time always me.