Transportation Snags

Monday, June 16, 2008 –10:30 A.M.   I have medical appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Reservations for transportation are supposed to be made from one to three days in advance. Due to problems with their phone system, I was unable to reach the transportation agency from yesterday afternoon until half an hour ago! After waiting on “hold” for 36 minutes, I got someone who took down my entire pick up and drop off information, and scheduled my return trip.   We ran into a problem when I gave her the address where I needed to go. She said her computer said there was no such street as the name of the one I had given. I said I had been going there for almost six months.   To make a long story short, I did mistakenly give the wrong address. Before that got cleared up entirely, we were disconnected. I did not know what to do since I did not want to be put on “hold” for another half hour or more. Just as I was thinking about this, the phone rang – it was the transportation agency calling me back. It was good luck that they had my phone number. I have my fingers crossed that everything is set up right. I will find out tomorrow morning.   My back has started hurting again, so the only thing I plan doing today is to get some rest.   Quotes for Success:   “Part of success is preparation on purpose.” Jim Rohn