Transfer is on Friday

    My dr just called and told me we have 14 grade a/b embryos and 6 grade c embryos and 2 very slow embryos. I'm happy with that update! Now I'm just so confused on what to do on our transfer day... the big question is 1 or 2??? The dr also told me that if we transfer 2 perfect embryos we need to be prepaired for twins and maybe  even triplets! I know we deft couldn't handle or afford 3. But I now have the what if's running thru my brain. And my husband is so confident that 1 will work. But I know I'd hate myself if I got a negative and only put in 1:(
   Well I guess I have a lot of thinking to do between now and Friday @ 8am lol... This is the biggest decision I'm having to make. I wish there was an easier way to decide.



What a wonderful dilema. We have talked about all these what if\'s too. We are going with two if they are great and three if they are not. This is is our one shot and we may have nothing to freeze. But it looks like you will have lots to freeze and try again later. I am sure you will make a good decision either way. Ask your mommas they always have good perspective.