Traditional Chinese Medicine Auckland Techniques You Should Know

Traditional Chinese medicine Auckland is famous for being natural and helpful in many ways to cure your illness and bring you back to good health. The premise on which traditional Chinese medicine works is all about the balance between Yin and Yang. There are certain techniques that are used by the caregivers, which belong to the traditional Chinese medicine niche. Here we will take you through six such techniques that you should be aware of.

  • Acupunture is the first technique that you ought to talk of when you are considering the traditional Chinese medicine. This process requires you to insert needles along the skin, superficially. The idea is to allow the the needles to be inserted in the subcutaneous tissue and manipulate them to get the best effects. The traditional Chinese medicine in Auckland has identified a total of 2000 acupuncture points along the human body, which can be manipulated to get the desired effects. The balance between the different points, and a perfect flow of energy along the different points help restore the good health in your mind and body.

  • The second technique that we will talk about here is the moxibustion. It is the technique where the moxa root is burnt in order to heal the body parts. How does this technique work? The burning of moxa produces a good amount of smoke and odour, which tends to warm the blood in the body. It also helps in the positive flow of Qi, thus strengthening the different organs of the body, specifically the kidneys. With this technique, you can cure cold, and even treat menstrual pain that you suffer from

  • Tui Na massage is a natural therapy of reducing the ailments in your body. It is a combination of acupressure, massage and other types of manipulation in the body. In this massage, the person sits on the chair, fully clothed, and the practitioner begins the massage by asking the person a few questions. These questions help decide the intensity of the massage for the patient. The massage can be quite vigorous at times. It contains herbal and other ointments along with different healing techniques. It is best suited when you are suffering from chronic pain or musculoskeletal conditions.

  • In Chinese medicine Auckland, the cupping therapy is all about placing the glass or plastic cups along the body. These cups are warmed with the help of a cotton ball or some flammable substance. The oxygen is removed from the cups using this technique. After this, the air in the cup is removed, a low pressure and vacuum is created and then the cups are allowed to stick on your back. The treatment is best used along the stomach and back of the body. Scraping is yet another popular technique. It is used to smoth the skin.

  • The traditional Chinese medicine in Auckland consists of various herbs that allow you to cure cold, cough and other medical issues that you tend to face on a regular basis. It is a natural way of getting the balance in the body, and you can avoid the drugs that come with side effects. The traditional tea is one such amazing formula that helps you get rid of all the ailments.