This week has been really hard.The law suit I have been working on for 4 1/2 years has finally come to the point of the final days and every time I think it's gonna happen something goes wrong and its put off again.It's already been settled and the money is in the bank but now I a waiting for one release paper to take the bank so I can get the money.The lady who was preparing it for us put it in the mail instead of calling me to come pick it up.So now it is somewhere in the mail system when I could have picked it up 3 days ago and not been worried about how we were going to pay the bills this month..Right now there are 6 of us living on less that $1,200 a month and it just doesn't stretch far enough.             Now I find out that one of the kids needs some things that I just don't know where the money  is gonna come from.I have always been able to find the money somewhere when they needed something but this time I just don't know.I have one grandbaby that I worry about constantly because of prblems with the other grandparents  not his parents(please read "The third grandson"in "granparents raising children"forem).My daughter[the mother of the babies I already have custody of]is about to have another baby,a girl,the end of this month and I may have to take custody of it also.Am I about to have custody of 4 grandchildren under 3 years old,2of them special needs children?How am I going to handle all of them?      Then on top of it all my 87 year old grandmother is in ICU after going in the hospital for a test and ended up having splints put in her arteries going to her heart today.They found 3 blockages,1 they think will clear up with meds,1 one they put splints in and the 3rd one can only be fixed by open heart surgury and the dr said that would be a death warent at her age.So am I about to loose my only grandparent left?I love her sooo much!!!How will I get through loosing her on top of everything else?              Sorry folks for complaining so much but I just needed to get it all off my chest.