tough at times

I sometimes feel as though I can't put a foot right. Not wrong, right. It seems as though any little thing can escalate into something it really shouldn't be. Is this a sign that my wife has had enough? have I pushed her that far? I try to just go along, get things done, do as much as possible to help out, but it just seems to fall short of the mark sometimes. I never put demands on anyone in my personal life to get things done, I will quite happily get around to getting things done myself. But it doesn't apply to me. And no matter how hard I try, it isn't good enough sometimes. This time I didn't duck the argument though. That is something at least. i called back, she hung up, i called back, she answered in a not happy way. Sometimes I just feel as though i can't win, but is that what being married to me has caused. Surely has contributed to it. I feel useless sometimes, no matter what I try to do, or get done, or how many tasks I work through that I have set myself to complete.