Top 15 Reasons Not to Pull

Top Reasons Not to Pull
1. Pulling doesn't feel good anymore; it makes me feel ashamed.
2. Every single hair belongs on my head/face.
3. I want to be able to wear my hair down.
4. I want to go out in public without makeup, and feel like I don't have to hide, or change myself to feel beautiful.
5. Knowing that I am strong enough to defeat one of my biggest enemies is a huge reward all by itself.
6. I want a puppy!
7. I want to look normal and not be judged by my eyebrows (or the lack of them).
8. I'd never felt beautiful until my eyelashes and eyebrows came in.
9. Having hair gives me confidence.
10. I want to be able to do whatever- go swimming, ride rollercoasters, have sleepovers, cry, sweat, and laugh, and not worry about my makeup or hair.
11. I don't want to feel ashamed and worthless if I pull again.
12. I don't want to let my family, friends, and counselor down.
13. Trich is always the first thing on my mind.
14. I want to be proud of myself for who I am and what I've done.
15. I don't feel the need to pull anymore.