Too Triggering

Some of the group discussions are becoming to triggering for me.  I need to step back.  I like to 'keep up' with the forums I'm on, read everything and make sure I don't miss anything, but it's too much. Also, today I had a car accident and ended up missing my support group tonight.  Things are starting to feel out of control.  I need chocolate.  I need sleep, not that I haven't had enough, it's just an escape.  I'm tempted to cut, but will keep that under control.  No cutting!   There were several things I was supposed to do today that didn't happen because of the accident.  I'm feeling bad about that, pressured about the things that need to get done.   That's a very old feeling, one I grew up with and at one point didn't know how to live without it.  But that pressure is back and I can't handle it.