Too long

It's been too long.
I have since gotten a restraining order against exbf which is putting a crimp on my normal AA attendance.  I am doing ok attending different meetings and have to focus on gratitude and forgiveness and refrain from blaming him for the situation I am in.  One day at a time.  Trying to remind myself not to date in program to avoid such an issue like this in the future.
Getting lots of outside help.  Going to a therapist who is doing some Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for what seems to be PTSD that seemed highly stirred up from the stalking from the exbf.  I took a Boundaries class based on the book by Townsend and Cloud, and taking a Safe People class based on another book by the same authors.  Taking a No Jerks class through the DV place, was doing a drop in support group there and will return to a new session.  I have a  case manager there who is an addictions specialist.
Goind to meetings most days, continuing with Al Anon and AA and sparce MA.  Not calling sponsor enough, but did see her for her sobriety bday at a meeting.
Still stuck on needing to look for work.  Overwhelmed in that area.