I just got back from my church group and it was a good group. The last few mo. I have felt like myself again, carefree, happy and playful.This is the me that I know, but not the one that I have seen much of for 3 years. I want to trust it, I should trust it, what else is there to do but trust. Before I had 15 yrs. no depression. I have put people back in my life and built new friendships and am building a life back that I am excited about.I am looking forward to dating, but I am content not dating. I am starting to enjoy work again. I have a few good jobs starting, should take a few mo.I am grateful, I have so much. Friends , health , home , business, my dog, sobriety, god. Wow those really should not have been at the bottom of the list, God and sobriety.All of this given to me . That is quite a bit of stability for the young drunk, gay boy that  was homeless and hopeless and needed older men to support my addictions. So how could I have the right to be ungrateful.