Tomorrow June 13th

Well my friends, tomorrow I leave for NJ.  I am ver very excited.  Not just to see my family but also to meet Lindaheff.  Monday we plan to walk the boardwald at Seaside and then go to lunch.  The weather forecast for the week is not good.  Rain most days.  I told Linda we will walk the boardwalk even if we have to carry an umbrella.  I grew up go to this particular boardwalk every summer when I was a kid.  Very nostalgic. My job at he grocery store is going a little better.  Not so many hours.  So it is okay for now. Another thing.  For my friends on Facebook, I have not been able to log on.  For some reason I am locked out.  There is no Customer Service phone number where you can actually talk to someone.  There are a series of emails for support that I have tried over and over again, but no one gets back to me.  They feel since this is a free web site that they don't owe you phone support.   GRRRRRRRRRRRR.  I may have to sign up all over again with a different email.  If any one know if a solution please let me know. Talk to you all when I get back.  I hope to take lots of pictures. Love and hugs Anita